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KNOW FEAR with Tony Blauer

Self-defense isn’t always about a confrontation with someone else.
The first and most important fight is winn
ing thone inside your head.

If you’re into mindset training, performance psychology & personal development, you’ll dig this podcast. Join Coach Tony Blauer as he interviews subject-matter experts from around the world. 

Tony Blauer, is a pioneer in modern self-defense circles. His research on physiology & fear, courage & mindset, has influenced over three decades of students and trainers from the self-defense, martial arts, combat sports, and military & law enforcement communities.

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Feb 11, 2018

I've been a fan of Kyle Reyes since I first saw his 'Snowflake' test.

After watching the 'snowflake' video and reading some of his other posts I knew he would be a really fun guest.  The talk turned out to be more riveting than I imagined.  

Many of my online supporters are hardworking 2a, military, law enforcement and other first-responders, so I know you'll all love this podcast.

Kyle works very hard to promote and support our law enforcement and military.  He's a thin blue line-backing,veteran-loving, whiskey drinking patriot.

Kyle was recently named as the National Spokesman for Law Enforcement Today.