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KNOW FEAR with Tony Blauer

Self-defense isn’t always about a confrontation with someone else.
The first and most important fight is winn
ing thone inside your head.

If you’re into mindset training, performance psychology & personal development, you’ll dig this podcast. Join Coach Tony Blauer as he interviews subject-matter experts from around the world. 

Tony Blauer, is a pioneer in modern self-defense circles. His research on physiology & fear, courage & mindset, has influenced over three decades of students and trainers from the self-defense, martial arts, combat sports, and military & law enforcement communities.

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Jun 19, 2020

Gunnar Peterson possesses a wealth of knowledge and experience. After 30-years in the fitness industry, he has done about everything you could want or imagine as a professional coach. He's worked with the who's who in Hollywood, he's the Los Angeles Lakers’ Director of Strength and Endurance, has worked with athletes from the NBA, NHL, NFL, MLB, USTA, professional boxing (male AND female!) and various NCAA sports and has a list of entrepreneurial affiliations and successes that are too long to list.

It's easy when you get to the top of your industry to sit back and rest on your laurels, or delegate. Not Gunnar. He trains all the time. He still teaches and coaches. He is always moving, always creating.  

It was refreshing and inspiring to learn that he is still very much a student at heart and continually learning. That's a good lesson for all of us.

While we talk about fitness, we mostly talk about life. His insights on learning, success, and personal development really hit home with me. I loved this talk and believe it's Gunnar's curiosity and humility that has helped him evolve into one of the world's leading authorities and coaches on fitness.

I'm excited to share this with you.

Coach B

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