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KNOW FEAR with Tony Blauer

Self-defense isn’t always about a confrontation with someone else.
The first and most important fight is winn
ing thone inside your head.

If you’re into mindset training, performance psychology & personal development, you’ll dig this podcast. Join Coach Tony Blauer as he interviews subject-matter experts from around the world. 

Tony Blauer, is a pioneer in modern self-defense circles. His research on physiology & fear, courage & mindset, has influenced over three decades of students and trainers from the self-defense, martial arts, combat sports, and military & law enforcement communities.

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Apr 21, 2018

You have a wad of cash from a hard days work. You parked near the ATM and you're headed to make a deposit. You're also about to be mugged. 

Join me for another amazing story of how understanding the psychology of the attacker's "want's" can help you create a quick strategy that could dramatically alter a potentially...

Apr 19, 2018

What if your next confrontation is with yourself? 

I met Pablo on a course in Brazil where he was assigned as my translator. We hit it off right away. What I didn't know prior to meeting him was that he was also a life-long martial artist.  This made his experience and feedback even more meaningful. But the coolest part...

Apr 14, 2018

I heard about Tosh long before I met him. As the recipient of the Navy Cross for extraordinary heroism, his story is amazing. What's even more fascinating to me is how humble he is. 

I asked him to share the story as it's so relevant to this podcast aptly named: KNOW FEAR. It's worth reading about the event online...

Apr 7, 2018

Author, blogger, BMX wizard, martial artist, athlete, coach and deep thinker, Greg Walsh is an artist and a student
of life. 

I met Greg almost a decade & we've stayed in touch via the net. In this talk I learned [and realized] how serious Greg is about training, mindset and personal growth. 

What I appreciated most...

Apr 5, 2018

I've known Glenn for about 18 years. But get this: We've never met.  We've never trained together. Our connection was through my research on personal safety and managing fear. 

About 8 years ago Glenn sent me an email that I have saved and reflected on several times over the years. I would read it at certain courses and...