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KNOW FEAR with Tony Blauer

Self-defense isn’t always about a confrontation with someone else.
The first and most important fight is winn
ing thone inside your head.

If you’re into mindset training, performance psychology & personal development, you’ll dig this podcast. Join Coach Tony Blauer as he interviews subject-matter experts from around the world. 

Tony Blauer, is a pioneer in modern self-defense circles. His research on physiology & fear, courage & mindset, has influenced over three decades of students and trainers from the self-defense, martial arts, combat sports, and military & law enforcement communities.

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May 7, 2018

From Conor Mcgregor to Nick Swardson. From Jocko Willink to Fedor.  From Monster Energy to Triumph United.  Who the hell is Hans Molenkamp?

I connected with Hans about a year ago and discovered a mutual passion for 'creativity with integrity'. The more we spoke the deeper it got. He’s a modern day ‘renaissance man’ with a love of music, art, and physical movement.

We’ve both been grinding for decades and it's amazing to me that our paths only crossed recently.  But I’m sure glad they did. Hans inspires me & considering my optempo, that says a lot. During this podcast I found myself simply listening and absorbing, Hans’ story is pretty amazing, from his background in the skate/surf community to his beginning’s with BJJ & MMA and how he built his relationships and brand. He’s been behind the scenes for almost all of it.  But more importantly, he has a legitimate philosophy about life and is willing to share it. Sit back and meet Hans Molenkamp.

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